We just opened and would like your imput. Please let us know what you think of the food and staff. If you have any ideas or comments feel free to let us know
Saltmann from Germany
10/2/2009 07:46:57 pm

Hallöchen hab gerade deine Webseite gesehen Superstark!!!!! I Like the German Food and the American Root Beer

See you next Year so long


2/27/2010 03:18:42 am

I saw your Imbiss on Sheppard AFB, TX yesterday and had a Bratwurst, it was awesome.

Keep it up and stay at Sheppard AFB for a while. I miss good German junk food!!!

I will be back next week for lunch to try a Currywurst or a Doner Kebab. :)

3/28/2010 07:22:52 am

I have your food every Sunday for lunch and have always been impressed. The Doner Kebab and Cheesesteak are my favorites.

I went to Germany over the summer and have been craving fresh German food ever since. Your food brings me back.

See you next week

3/28/2010 09:26:11 am

I was stationed in Germany back in the Eighties and have missed the "Imbiss" style of German fast food ever since!

My fellow classmates and I have tried just about everything on your menu and we will be back for more!

Loved the Currywurst and the German potato salad is incredible!

Hope you guys stay for a long time! !

5/6/2010 02:04:25 am

Luv the food. I have tried about everything on the menu and eat there about twice a week at least.
The staff is awesome and very friendly.
You will be missed!!!!

Fabian aus Deutschland
9/17/2010 07:55:41 am

Ich bin Austauschschüler aus Deutschland und werde mal in der nächsten Zeit den Imbiss testen. Gute Homepage besonders das lied auf auf der home seite:D

William Rigden
9/30/2010 09:14:34 am

Happen to find this wonderful German restaurant by accident during the HHH weekend. Greatly enjoyed the beer, food and hostesses friendly greeting. I definitely will return and also tell all my friends heading to Wichita Falls to stop by for some great German hospitality.

3/3/2011 10:05:50 pm

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